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They ARE HERE!!!


Ive been asked alot for these, so of course, ill happily put these on....


You get a choice of Small, Medium or Large.


Each Mystery Box contains a mixture of Snapbar Wax Melts, ShotPots & Wax Melts.


Small Mystery Box - 4 Snapbars & 2 shot pots $15 (Value $24)


Medium Mystery Box - 6 Snapbars, 3 Shotpots, 1 Wax Melt $25 (value $42)


Large Mystery Box 8 Snapbars, 4 shot pots & 2 wax melts and 1 full sized linen spray $50 (value $68)


Obvioulsy the bigger the box the more you will get, but they are all discounted as well.


All you need to do is select a fragrance category and ill do the rest, feel freee to leave any notes at the checkout in case of allergies or anything.

Mystery Boxes

PriceFrom $14.95
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