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Please reach us at if you cannot find an answer to your question.

What Wax Do You Use?

I use my own Blend. I've done years of research and testing to come up with a wax that is totally unique. Its as Natural as it can be, with a coconut base.

How Fast Will Get My Order?

All Orders are made to order as they come in. If you need it faster then 1-2 weeks, please send me a message via Facebook or Instagram and I will see what I can do for you.

The Canna Saviour Products?

If You would like more information, please email the maker at

Do You Ship Internationally?

We NOW ship to Australia, New Zealand, United States of America and United Kingdom.

Sensitivity To Smell?

If you need your products to be more subtle, its easy done. I make everything by hand, and I can reduce quantities, just let me know in the notes sections at checkout. 

Do You Have A Store Front?

No, we don't. I make directly out of my home. I do have a melt stand, but unfortunately due to C*vid, I haven't been able to have people just come smell wax melts. The best way to sample is by Shot Pots.  

I Need Melts ASAP!

By Placing an Order, its the fastest way to get them. I do order by the queue, unless I'm waiting for products in pre-order. However, in special circumstances, i will make exceptions.

Change of Mind?

I do not refund if you simply change your mind.

Faulty Products/Globes

If your Electrical Item is faulty, it can be replaced as long as it is sent back to me, i then send it back to the supplier, but not before testing it myself, and sending you a replacement. DO NOT buy globes from the shop. I stock them, the machines need to use the correct globes in order to function correctly

Do I Have Wholesale or Distributors?

Yes, I offer both. For Wholesalers (retail) you need to be a registered Business, have an ABN, and hold public/product liability. There is a minimum. Its only available for my products. Not electricals.

Private Distribution is available, but only once you try my product. Please contact me for more information. Thank you.


I send all orders via Express post with Australia Post, with full tracking. If the order is 5kgs or more, I then send it with a courier. However, when packages are in transit, that part is out of my control. But full tracking is always provided. I do always chase up late packages, or delayed packages.

Postage Damage / Or Loss

If your Product arrives damaged, your more then welcome to claim insurance, you just need to contact me, so i can give you the insurance docket. It will need to be claimed from the receivers end, at your local post office. For more information, please contact me. Product Loss, Contact me so i can track it down via Australia Post. Thank you.

Is It THAT Important To Trim Candle Wicks?

YES! If you want your candle to last longer and smell the most strongest, trim the wick after every burn (once the wax has harden up). You don't want Black wick  as that will cause black soot, but also the candle will actually smell stronger if you trim it. If you need proper wick trimmer, please let me know. I can get them for you.

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